Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene allows us to remove food remains and bacterial plaque that build up in the teeth. This is the first and most effective defence line against tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

We distinguish between the oral hygiene that is done at home and by the patient and the professional oral hygiene that happens in the clinic and with professional means.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a professional cleaning if I already brush my teeth at home?

Yes. It is impossible to perfectly clean our teeth just by brushing our teeth and flossing. There are always hard to reach areas where bacterial plaque accumulates.

What’s the difference between a professional and a home cleaning?

The teeth cleaning that we offer in clinic is much deeper and exhaustive that anything you can do at home and not only consists on the removal of dental plaque. In clinic we use professional tools which are respectful of teeth, gums and enamel and allow us to leave them perfectly clean and polished.

Furthermore, we always check for early symptoms of oral pathology and give you feedback on the effectiveness of your hygiene habits.

How many times a year do I have to go through professional cleaning?

As a precaution, we usually recommend at least one a year. But if you have problems with crowding, periodontitis or bad breath you may have to increase the frequency.

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