Restorative dentistry

Dental prostheses are artificial teeth that help us restore the anatomy and functionality of your natural teeth. Dental Prostheses are very diverse and adaptable to the patient’s needs.

Modern dental prostheses are comfortable, durable and stable and are manufactured in laboratories to guarantee a good support and a natural sensation.

Dental prosthesis treatments

Frequently asked questions

What types of dental prostheses exist?

They can be classified according to how they are supported in the mouth: tooth-supported, tissue-supported, tooth-tissue-supported or implant-supported; also depending on whether they are fixed or removable or depending on what materials they are made of.

There is a lot of variety. Among others, we can differentiate: partial resin prosthesis, removable metallic prosthesis, crowns, bridges and mixed prosthesis.

What materials are dental prostheses made of?

Most common materials are ceramic, metals and resins.

How do you maintain a dental prosthesis?

Depending on what kind they are. If it is removable, you need to take it out after meals for proper cleaning. If it is fixed, a regular dental hygiene will be enough. More precise cleaning will be done by the dentist.

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