Endodontics is a treatment that saves a tooth by eliminating its infected pulp, and preventing its loss. It is a simple and common procedure that normally takes only two appointments.

Once the pulp has been extracted, it is substituted by an inert filling material. The intervention is precise and with a very high success rate.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of endodontics?

When the surface of a teeth is broken or drilled by tooth decay, it is frequent for the infection to spread to the inner dental pulp. If the infection is not treated, more severe symptoms like swelling, pain and spreading of the infection to the maxillary bone may appear.

Root canal therapy is the most common treatment for the infection of a teeth. It fully eliminates the infection and prevents both discomfort and tooth loss. The treated teeth will preserve both his aspect and functionality.

How is the procedure?

The treatment consists on practicing a small orifice in the tooth surface. Through the same we will extract the infected and the tooth nerves. After disinfection, the empty tooth is permanently filled with inert material.

Nor the nerve or the pulp are necessary for a fully functional adult tooth. With this treatment we will have fully removed the infection and you may make a normal use of the affected piece.

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