Conservative dentistry

odontologia conservadora

Conservative Dentistry aims to protect our teeth with minimally invasive treatments that extend their life and avoids their replacement with a dental prosthesis.

Tooth decay, wearing or trauma are some of the most common threats to our teeth.

Conservative dentistry treatments

Frequently asked questions

What treatments are part of conservative dentistry?

Conservative Dentistry comprises a broad spectrum of treatments like: crowns, fillings or inlays that allow us to reconstruct a broken piece; or root canal therapy, whose objective is to denaturalize a tooth.

What is a sanitation treatment?

It is the part of a treatment dedicated to eliminating the pathologies that caused damage in the mouth, aiming to fully restore the functionality of the damaged teeth.

Can a child need conservative dentistry?

Yes. Sometimes saving a baby tooth is needed to facilitate the correct eruption of a permanent adult tooth. Dental fillings and pulpectomies are common in child patients.

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