Dental filling

A Dental Filling is a treatment with which we eliminate the part of a teeth affected by tooth decay and reconstruct the affected piece. It is a quick and simple procedure.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of a Dental Filling?

It is the most common treatment against tooth decay.

The only solution for cases of tooth decay consists of removing the infected part of a tooth. The filling substitutes the part we had to eliminate.

Dental fillings can be made out of different materials, from resins to metal amalgams. Even though they may have to be substituted in time, they last for long and allow for a normal function of the affected piece.

How is the procedure?

Normally, a dental filling is a simple procedure.

In order to eliminate any discomfort, we apply local anaesthetics. Only then we proceed to the removal of the affected tissue. The resultant cavity is filled with material, which is sculpted to restore both the looks and sensation of a natural teeth.

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