Dental bridges

A Dental Bridge is a type of dental prosthesis that supports itself on healthy teeth to replace a missing piece. A Dental Bridge helps us restore the aspect and the masticatory capacity of your mouth.

Dental bridges consist of a series of united crowns whose extremes are placed on the natural teeth surrounding the empty socket left by a missing tooth. The intermediate crowns are left suspended in between them like a bridge.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I need a Dental Bridge?

When we face the loss of a tooth, the most common choice is between a dental implant and a dental bridge. As a general rule, a dental implant is always preferable because it prevents damage to the surrounding teeth.

However, dental bridges are suggested for some patients. Especially if tooth loss has happened in a zone without a high functional requirement.

How is a dental bridge placed?

The procedure is similar to the placement of a dental crown. It starts with the sculpting of the surrounding teeth that will support the prosthesis. Afterwards we will take an impression of the area that will serve as the model for the dental technicians that will sculpt the definitive bridge.

In the meantime, we can place a temporary bridge so you can eat, speak normally until the placing of the final bridge.

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