Bruxism consists on a strong, constant and involuntary grinding of the teeth. It happens specially at night and can have multiple causes, even though the most common is stress. This conditions causes severe wearing and can destroy enamel and reduce the size of teeth.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I have Bruxism?

Since it happens at night and is involuntary, detecting bruxism oneself can be difficult. Some of the clearest signs are waking up with jaw pain or developing teeth sensibility. In a check-up, your dentist will detect symptoms of bruxism with ease.

How are the effects of bruxism contained?

We use dental guards, a removable splint that must be placed over the teeth during sleep and that acts as a barrier. This way we avoid contact between inferior and superior teeth and it is the guard the one that wears down instead of the teeth.

How long does the treatment of Bruxism take?

As long as it persists, you will have to wear a dental guard while sleeping. Some people have to do it permanently, and since the guard wears down it will be necessary to inspect it periodically and replace it if needed.

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