Dental crowns are prostheses that we use to reconstruct damaged teeth and restore their aspect and functionality.

Crowns are caps that are cemented on top of a natural teeth and act as their exterior and visible surface. The teeth that supports a dental crown is slightly modified to guarantee a perfect fit.

Frequently asked questions

How is the placement of a dental crown?

In the first place, we will slightly sculpt the natural teeth that needs the crown. Afterwards we will take an impression of the teeth that will serve as the model for the laboratory that will manufacture the crown.

Meanwhile, if it is necessary, you can use a temporary crown until the placement of the definitive one. Once placed, you will be able to smile, speak and eat normally with natural-looking teeth.

When do I need a dental crown?

There are a variety of reasons one would need a dental crown:

  • Tooth decay or Root Canal Therapy

A tooth that has undergone root canal therapy or affected by tooth decay may need a crown to maintain its aspect and functionality.

  • Broken or chipped teeth

Crowns slow down the wearing in already damaged teeth and allow them to keep working normally.

  • Aesthetics

A crown allows us to change the size, shape and colour of a tooth instantly.

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